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Have you been using the treadmill all wrong?

I know many people who workout but hate running. I go through phases where I run more often, but to be honest running long distance gets very boring very quickly unless I am at the beach. Quite frankly I do not have time or patience to drive to the beach (in LA traffic) on a regular basis. So, I do quick sprints and incorporate other moves using the treadmill to maximize my workout on cardio days. This workout focuses on legs!

Warm up: 5 minute jog (speed 4-6 mph)

1 minute sprint (incline 2.5 :: speed 9.5 mph)

30 seconds plyo squats (incline 0 :: speed 3.0 mph)

30 seconds reverse walk (incline 2.5:: speed 3.0 mph)

30 seconds mountain climbers (incline 15:: speed 2.8 mph)

Rest 30 seconds // Repeat 3x (for a total of 4 sets)


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