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How to jump start your weekend right!

It's not everyday you get to workout on a rooftop. And perhaps your gym isn't as fabulous as the rooftop at Speedplay LA in Beverly Hills. However, starting off your weekend with any form of a workout is a great start to boost your energy, and do damage control for all the wine you are going to drink! Here is a list of the top 5 ways to start your weekend:

Exercise! Of course, I am going to say exercise is a priority at all times, especially before a busy weekend of catching up with friends over dinner and drinks. Although it may seem hard to squeeze in time at the gym during the week, studies have proven that physical activity boosts energy levels throughout the day. Don't you want to be the life of the party at your girlfriends soiree this weekend?

B Vitamins - the eight B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 — are critical in keeping our bodies running in full force. These essential nutrients help convert our food into fuel, so that we stay energized throughout the day.

Clean - Did you know removing the clutter from your enironment can relieve stress? Try it this weekend. Take a moment to completely clean your personal space - your room, your car, your desk space at work. Give it a try and see the sense of peace you achieve in one area of your life.

Get outdoors. If you are like me, you work in a dark, dreary cubicle all day with little natural sunlight. The only light I get is the obnoxious glare from my double computer monitors. Since many people work indoors during the day, the weekend is prime time to take advantage of outdoor sunlight. Taking a walk midday on a Friday can really help you reconnect with nature, and plan what outdoor activities you want to include in your weekend agenda. Being outside can also boost your body's production of vitamin D. Be sure to get out and soak up some sun (don't forget your sunscreen!).

Relax. It is easy to get caught up in making so many weekend "errand" plans - laundry, grocery shopping, manicures, and travel. So how do you find time to relax? Take some time before the weekend schedule downtime. Yes, I know, it seems like a oxymoron. How do you schedule downtime? Shouldn't it just come naturally when you are not busy? For many of us, our lives are sprinting at full speed and downtime seems to never naturally find us. So schedule it - for at least an hour or two. You can engage in a hobby, catch up on your favorite TV show, or meditate. Whatever recharges you, schedule time to do it!

Happy Fri-yay!

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