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You Can't Squat With Us...

...Until You Perfect Your Form

8 Things to Remember to Achieve the Perfect Squat

1. Keep your feet flat on the ground with weight in your heels (and maintain this throughout your entire squat set).

2. Keep your knees behind your toes!

3. When you squat down, strive for your hips to be parallel (or below parallel) to the ground.

4. Maintain a natural arch is your back (no hunchbacks)!

5. Chest up (this goes hand - in -hand with the above) - lifting your chest, will automatically allow you keep the natural arch in your back without hunching over.

6. Have a neutral neck and spine alignment.

7. Keep your focus forward – avoid looking up or down, naturally allowing the proper neck/spine alignment as mentioned above.

8. Keep breathing! Inhale as you squat down and exhale on the way up - use that breath to help you.

Now that you have perfected your form, stay tuned for a killer squat workout!

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