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Five Fun Fit Activities in San Francisco

#5. Baker Beach

Whether you are a runner, soccer player, or football star, Baker Beach offers unlimited scenic views while you indulge in your favorite activity. The beach provides fantastic views of homes in the hills on one side and a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge on the other side. You will find locals and tourists surfing, kicking around soccer balls, tossing footballs, going for a jog or walking the dog all up and down the beach. Beware - this is a nude beach so you may see some unexpected views!

#4. Walking to the Painted Lady Houses

For anyone who grew up in the 90s, you know Michelle Tanner was your fantasy best friend. It would not be right to go to San Francisco without seeing some of the key landmarks from the classic TV show Full House. I recommend going to the actual house that was used to film the show first. Located at 1709 Broderick St., the house still stands with the same beautiful architecture we all knew as Tanner Home. You may not initially recognize the house as it has been painted (in a failed effort to deter tourists) but you will know you are the when you see all the tourists walking up to take pictures. From there it is just a mile walk to the Painted Ladies. These homes were featured in the open credits of the Full House show and are another San Francisco staple. The walk is about 25 minutes up and down the hills of SF streets. Once you have reached the Painted Ladies, located across from the park in Alamo Square, you can relax in the beautiful park, have a picnic and of course take a few pictures to capture the iconic houses.

#3. Twin Peaks

You will want to save this activity for a clear day. I did not hike up to twin peak due to weather, however driving past, I could see that the top of the peak offered amazing views of the city. The hike is short and suitable for beginners and great way to get in some exercise and be rewarded at the top by the gorgeous views of San Francisco.

#2. Fitness Court on Marina Green

Want to show off your guns? Stop by the park to get in a full body workout. Passing the park on a bike ride, you see fitness gurus there getting in chin ups, dips, and hanging leg raises among many other things. There are rings for all you gymnasts and equipment that allows for suspension training such as suspended back rows.

#1. Bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge

Finally, the most exciting fit fun activity is SF (in my opinion) is biking across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. I recommend doing a guided tour if this is your first time. On the tour you will ride a total of 8 miles. The tour website ranks the ride as a beginner or intermediate level, however I definitely feel like it is intermediate (a beginner would truly struggle and probably not be able to keep up with the pace of the group). You can rent a bike at the Blazing Saddles location in Fisherman’s Wharf. The tour will take you through Aquatic Parks by the wharf and up a big hill. You will pass through the Palace of Fine Arts and see some of the most beautiful homes in SF. You will continue on to the Fort Point where you will have great photo opportunities to capture the bridge and views of the city. After another big hill you will be at the start to the bridge. Careful the path is narrow! Once you make it across there is the opportunity to get close up shots of the bridge. You will ride downhill for about a half mile offering views of the bay. Finally after one last uphill push your enter the quaint town of Sausalito. I recommended wine tasting at Bacchus and Venice. The ambience is quiet with great music and top notch service. But be sure to stop at an ATM (only cash tips are accepted). End the tour with a relaxing ride back to the Wharf on the ferry. And complete your day of working out with a short ride back from Pier 39 to return your bicycle.

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