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It's Not Easy, It's Worth It!


Back in the Day

For me, being fit has been a journey. My entire childhood, I was overweight. Despite dancing competitively and being involved in cheerleading I always struggled to have a “perfect” body like some of my peers. I stayed active and dancing occupied most of my free time, so I was never able to get into working out outside of the dance practice and conditioning.


The Infamous Genetics 

I always used the excuse that it was not in my cards to be small. Coming from a family of all overweight women, fitness was not something that was promoted nor prioritized in my household. While my mother ensured that my sisters and I were always health, extreme exercise was not a part of the equation. Combine the lack of disciplined exercise with our family genes and there you have it - a recipe for thickness. 


The College Years 

When I began college at Indiana University in the fall of 2007, I gained the infamous freshman fifteen and became completely discouraged. I remember thinking that I was just destined to be obese. I went home for summer break and for the first time in my life started running. I was surprised to see how quickly I lost everything I had gained. Over the next couple years I fluctuated up and down, until I reached my peak. I could no longer fit into any of my jeans, I ate whatever I wanted without thought, and I drank alcohol every day of the week.


That Pivotal Moment

It was the summer of 2010 when I determined that I was going make a life change. I joined LA fitness and met a personal trainer who completely changed my life. I focused on cardio and body weight training techniques because at that time weight lifting intimidated me.  He immediately whipped me into the best physical shape of my life. But more importantly, he also made me realize that my goal was not only to lose weight; and for the first time I discovered what being fit truly meant to me. 


What Fitness Means to Me

Being fit does not only entail physical activity- it also includes mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. More importantly the results expand way further than just physical attraction—I gained mental discipline, emotional satisfaction, and spiritual freedom – all of which made me realize that I can achieve anything as long as I put my mind to it and exhibit the passion to reach my end goal. 


JA Today

Today I stand at 5’1” and fluctuate between 115 and 120 pounds- perfect for my naturally curvy body shape. I workout regularly and am motivated by helping others to achieve a fit, healthy, and amazing lifestyle. Welcome to the journey!

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