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Class Descriptions


High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a form of interval training where you will alternate between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods, until exhaustion! Don't be intimidated, you'll do this is a fun way that makes you want to push to new limits! Plus modifications for advanced movements will be provided. Exercises will be programmed to used dumbbells unless specified otherwise.

Movements to expect: Jump squats | Snatches | Renegade Rows


Low Intensity Interval Training

LIIT is similar to HIIT in that it consists of intervals of higher and lower intensity. The difference is that the high-intensity periods will be low impact, and won't be nearly as intense. Think going from a run into a walk, rather than a sprint into a jog. Don't be fooled, with the creative routines and workout combinations, you'll be challenged in a whole new way.

Movements to expect:  Squats | Glute Bridges | Superman holds

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